What makes our programs great!

At Elysium OSHC we believe in creating a program where active play is the most important part of the day. We do this through creating a leisure and play environment with experiences targeted at improving the skills of each individual child.

To us, each child is important and has individual needs and rights. We believe that children have a right to feel safe and secure, both physically and emotionally, and the right to express their ideas, creativity and feelings naturally in a nurturing, caring environment.


Before School Care

Before School Care begins at 7am each morning in most schools and runs until 8:45am, where children are released to the care of the school.

The children enjoy a healthy breakfast that includes a mix of cereals, toast, dairy and fruit whilst they socialize and get to know each other.

The children take part in group games as well as leisure activities such as art and craft, imaginative play, construction and social experiences.

After school care

After School Care begins as soon as the school bell goes.

The children take part in sharing time where we discuss our day, the past weekend or the future weekend. All children are encouraged to share and if needed bring items to show the group.

Children then wash their hands and enjoy afternoon tea which typically consists of a fruit platter and then a small snack like yogurt and muesli, spreads platters or seasonally appropriate items such as soup in the winter months.

Our main activity varies depending on the day the children attend but typically focusses on experiences targeted at the development of social, emotional, physical or cognitive skills.


Vacation care

Our Vacation Care programs have been the highlight of our business and has received much praise from our families and the local community.

We arrange regular excursions to the cinemas and bowling venues as well as places such as the Melbourne Zoo, Inflatable World and Indoor Swimming Centres.

We also have many incursion partners that frequent our holiday programs. They provide hands on experiences like billy cart construction, wildlife shows and interactive drama sessions.